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Marrakech, Morocco - October 18

At TAFOUKT TRAVEL, we firmly believe in responsible and sustainable travel. These values are at the heart of everything we do. They define every experience, every stay and every adventure we offer.

Whether we are helping to preserve natural landscapes and wildlife, supporting local economies so that the money you invest stays in the community, or offering you a new perspective on sustainable travel, we always strive to ensure that our customers, partners and hosts contribute to a better world through travel.

This is why we are proud to announce that TAFOUKT TRAVEL has been awarded Travelife Partner status on October 18, 2023. This distinction testifies to our long-term commitment to sustainable development objectives in the travel industry.

But what does it mean to be a Travelife partner?

It means that TAFOUKT TRAVEL meets more than 100 criteria relating to our corporate governance, our product offering, our international partners and our communication with our customers. The Travelife Partner Standard covers aspects such as the environment, biodiversity, human rights and labor relations in accordance with global sustainability standards, including the ISO 26000 standard on corporate social responsibility.

In summary, this means that at TAFOUKT TRAVEL we don't just talk about sustainability, we live it every day. We employ concrete strategies and tactics to improve our own sustainability performance while inspiring our guests and suppliers to adopt sustainable practices. In addition, we are committed to educating our guests on best practices for responsible travel.

The partnership with Travelife is one step, but we will not stop there. We are determined to continue working towards a sustainable future and to improve.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, read more about how TAFOUKT TRAVEL is committed to making the world a better place through travel and tourism.

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